Mohamed Kamal El-Qassas

Senior EPM Consultant Senior SharePoint Consultant Microsoft MVP SharePoint Moderator (StackOverflow) C# Corner MVP Microsoft TechNet Wiki Author, Blogger Microsoft TechNet Wiki Judge

My name is Mohamed El-Qassas, I’m Microsoft MVP, SharePoint StackExchange (StackOverflow) Moderator, C# Corner MVP, Microsoft TechNet Wiki Author and Judge, Blogger and Senior Technical Consultant with 10+ years of experience in SharePoint and Project Server.

How may I help you ♥

Working Smart and Making the SUCCESS!


Help you to plan, install, configure, customize, develop, implement, deploy, operate and maintain your high, medium and small SharePoint / Project Server (EPM) farms according to Microsoft best practice.


Instant SharePoint and EPM support for fixing the emerging issues in your production farm, Performing a security and health check assessment for your running farm, Solving the health analyzer issues, Patching your farm with the latest update, Performing the High Availability and Disaster Recovery plan, Applying the SharePoint best practices ..etc


Learn SharePoint and EPM in private sessions from scratch to professionalism, Improve your SharePoint Problem Solving skills, Prepares you for SharePoint Microsoft exams to get Certified.