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Custom Visual not working in Power BI Report Server

This article will focus on the primary reasons behind why Custom Visual not working in Power BI Report Server as expected.

Custom visual not working in Power BI Report Server

Additionally, we will explore the optimal method for importing Power BI Custom Visuals into Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server.

Why Custom Visuals Not Working in Power BI Report Server?

Consider, you have developed your report using Power BI Desktop in your local machine that already connected to the internet, so in this case, to just add a new custom visual in your PBIX file.

In this scenario, adding a new custom visual to your PBIX file is a simple process, just click on the three dots in the visualization pane and select “Get more Visuals“.

Get More Visuals in Power BI Desktop

Now, the Power BI Visuals Gallery in AppSource should be opened as stated below to choose your custom visual according to your requirements.

Power BI Visuals in App Source

After choosing your custom visual, you can effortlessly add and import it into your report without encountering any problems. Furthermore, you can publish it to the Power Cloud Service seamlessly.

Import Custom Visual in Power BI

However, when you copy the same file to another machine that lacks internet connectivity and attempt to open it with Power BI Desktop optimized for Power BI Report Server, you’ll observe that the custom visual doesn’t render, despite being listed in the visualization pane as depicted below.

Custom visual not working in Power BI Report Server

Before fixing this issue, let’s explore the main root causes that may cause this issue:

The issue of Custom Visual not working in Power BI Report Server arises in the following situations:

  1. The custom visual is not supported for Power BI Report Server.
  2. The absence of an internet connection on the current machine prevents the retrieval of visuals from AppSource.
  3. The Power BI Desktop that has been used to create the first PBIX is not optimized with the Power BI Report Server or older that the currently used in your organization.
  4. The existing Power BI Desktop requires an upgrade.
  5. The existing Power BI Report Server requires an upgrade.

How to Fix Custom Visuals Not Working in Power BI Report Server?

First, ensure that the custom visual you intend to use is compatible and supported with Power BI Report Server, you can find additional information about compatibility and supported versions in the support section on App Source as shown below.

Check power bi cusotm visual support

Import a custom visual file in Power BI Desktop?

If your machine lacks an internet connection, you need to import the custom visual file instead by following these steps:

  1. In your PC that connected to internet, open the App Source through this link
  2. Login to the App Source using Work or School account.
  3. In the Search box on top of your app source , seach for your custom visual that yuou need to use
  4. Just click on your visual, them click on “Get it now” to download it.
Download Power BI Custom Visual file from App Source
  1. After downloading the custom visual file (*.pbiviz), you can re-import it into your PBIX Power BI file where your custom visual is not rendering.
  2. Great, the new custom visual should be imported successfully to the visualization pane, and you can use it with out any issue now.

If the custom visual remains non-functional even after importing, the solution involves upgrading Power BI Desktop to the latest version, as outlined in Download Power BI Desktop to the Latest version.

After installing the latest version, if the custom visual still not working, you have to upgrade Power BI Report Server as mentioned at Upgrade Power BI Report Server.


To sum up, it is essential to ensure that both your Power BI Desktop and Report Server are up-to-date with the latest updates.

Additionally, obtaining an offline download for your custom visual is crucial to enable its functionality on a machine without internet access or when publishing it to the Power BI Report Server.

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