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How to Enable Copilot in Microsoft Fabric?

In this post, we will learn how to Enable Copilot in Microsoft Fabric step by step to unlock its powerful capabilities.

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric

What’s Copilot in Microsoft Fabric?

Copilot, the AI-powered assistant, has arrived in Microsoft Fabric, bringing new ways to transform and analyze data, generate insights, and create visualizations and reports.

How to Enable Copilot in Microsoft Fabric: A Step-by-Step

Before you begin, ensure the following prerequisites are met:


  1. You need administrative access to your Microsoft Fabric environment.
  2. Copilot is not supported on trial SKUs. Only paid SKUs (F64 or higher, or P1 or higher) are eligible.
  3. Your F64 or P1 capacity must be in one of the regions listed in the Fabric region availability article.

Enabling Copilot

Follow these steps to enable Copilot for everyone in your organization:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Fabric using your admin account credentials.
  2. Select Fabric settings, and then from the menu, choose Admin portal.
Admin Portal in Microsoft Fabric
  1. In the Admin portal, select Tenant settings.
Microsoft Fabric Tennant Settings
  1. Scroll down the page to “Copilot and Azure Open AI Service (preview)” and turn on Enabled then click on “Apply”.
Copilot and Azure OpenAI Service (preview)_

If your organization is located outside of the United States and France, you have to enable “

Data sent to Azure OpenAI can be processed outside your capacity’s geographic region, compliance boundary, or national cloud instance”

Data sent to Azure OpenAI can be processed outside your Organization

Key Considerations:

  • Tenant Settings: Administrators need to enable the tenant switch for Copilot.
  • Region Availability: Copilot is available in specific regions (check Fabric region availability).
  • Security and Privacy: Data sent to Azure OpenAI can be processed outside the tenant’s geographic region (based on admin settings).
  • Paid SKUs Only: Copilot is not supported on trial SKUs; only paid SKUs (F64 or higher, or P1 or higher) are supported.
  • Rollout Stages: The Copilot preview is rolling out gradually to paid Fabric and Power BI Premium capacities.
  • Usage: Copilot usage counts against existing Fabric or Power BI Premium capacity.

Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes for the recently made tenant settings changes to take effect.


Enabling Copilot in Microsoft Fabric is a straightforward process that empowers your organization with AI-driven capabilities. By following the step-by-step guide, you can unlock the full potential of Copilot across various workloads:

  1. Data Science and Data Engineering:
    • Data professionals benefit from intelligent code completion and contextual suggestions.
    • Copilot streamlines data preparation, pipeline building, and model creation.
  2. Data Factory:
    • Both citizen and professional data wranglers can leverage Copilot’s intelligent code generation.
    • Code explanations enhance understanding and productivity.
  3. Power BI:
    • Generative AI simplifies report creation.
    • Prompt Copilot for Power BI to assist in crafting insightful reports.
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