You are currently viewing PowerApps Print function, forms, and scrollable galleries

PowerApps Print function, forms, and scrollable galleries

In this article, we will learn What is the PowerApps Print function? How to print PowerApps screen? and How to print images?

What is PowerApps Print function?

Let’s discuss the powerapps print features :

  • The printing functionality in canvas app.
  • Allow app users to print content to their network printers or save to PDF using their browser’s capabilities.
  • The Print function currently doesn’t work on
    • mobile devices
    • and SharePoint custom forms.
  • You can only print the screen if you’ve added a button and set the Print function on the button’s OnSelect property.
  •  You can use the Print  function with a button, an icon, a label, whatever you’d like to click in order to print.
  • Syntax
  • Power Apps added two screen templates (landscape and portrait ) that are A4 sized to help create content optimized for a pri

How to print PowerApps form?

You can use the PowerApps canvas print function to print the screen. Let’s get started with a simple example.

Here is a simple details screen and I want to print this data

  • Insert ( icon or label or button or what ever you want)
PowerApps Print function
PowerApps Print function
  • In the OnSelect property of the print control type the formula Print().
  • Yes you finish ,run your app and click on the print icon and it will show the print dialoge.
Print PowerApps screen
Print PowerApps screen
  • You can print PowerApps form to pdf or to network printers.

How to hide controls while printing Power Apps?

To hide any control in the Power Apps print, in the visible property set this formula


or you can use


ScreenName is the name of the screen that contain the print icon “the screen you want to print”.

Parent here is the screen

You can do the same thing for any other control in your app that you don’t want to show in the print.

These steps are how to PowerApps print to printer or PowerApps print as pdf.

PowerApps print image

If you want to print the PowerApps screen that contains an image and when it opened the print dialog you may notice that the image won’t be a part of the print page. That is why you have the option for background graphics turned off.

In order to reflect all the styles that you apply to your controls and the image you ust make sure that the background graphics is turned on.

To do that, when you click the Print icon then from the print dialog turn on the background graphics that you will find under the more setting section below.

I am using the Chrome browser, so this print preview screen may look slightly different per various browsers and operating systems.

background graphics
background graphics

AS you see the paper size is A4, also you can change it to letter size, A0, A1, A2, A3, A5, legal or Tabloid, it will automatically scale, or you can save it as a PDF.

How PowerApps print gallery?

Sometimes your PowerApps screen contains a scrollable gallery and if you try to Print the gallery you will notice that it is saving pdf or printed as only a visible portion of the gallery on the app screen, Till now the print() function in Power apps only takes a screenshot of the screen, including any controls that are visible.

How I Can print the scrollable gallery?

  1. If you need to print gallery items with hundreds of rows, you’ll need to assemble them in html code, most likely using the concat function, and then use PowerAutomate to convert the html code to a.pdf , we will talk later about this solution.
  2. Another solution,you can scale the gallery template and item text size down to fit the required items on the A4 screen.
  3. Also you can change the height of the screen and the gallery on runtime while printing the screen.

You can set the height of the gallery and the screen to be related to the all items in the gallery height

  • For the gallery height set the formula:
If(Parent.Printing,yourgallery.TemplateHeight*CountRows(yourgallery.AllItems),the original height of the gallery)
  • and for the screen height set this formula

If(screenname.Printing,yourgallery.TemplateHeight*CountRows(yourgallery.AllItems),the original height of the app)

By changing the screen size, the gallery items will eventually become so small that you won’t be able to read them.

The issue still remains, you are limited to 1 print page only. all this is doing is fitting your enlarged screen to the page.

Can I print PowerApps screen with a scroll?

The answer till now is no, you can’t print scrollable screens in Power Apps, and it’s one of the limitations of the PowerApps print function.

PowerApps Print function will take an image of the screen and controls visible on the screen.


you can use the PowerApps print function with a button, an icon, a label, or whatever you’d like to click in order to print.

The Print function currently doesn’t work on mobile devices and on SharePoint custom forms.

you should enable the setting called Background graphics to see all the images and colors in the print.

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